About Us

New Era Scouting has been aware of people’s interest and love for sports. So, years ago, we spent a lot of effort and time to build this team and organization. Our main goal is to let other people know that besides from school, there are also a lot of places where you can find training grounds to improve your skills. There are many people who would love to train you as well to bring out the athlete inside you. Professional athletes, coaches and trainers joined our organization and we are more than thankful for that because as time passed by, we received more and more support and a lot of people were interested in becoming one of us.

We encourage a lot of people to join us and be trained by us, especially kids who are really interested in becoming athletes someday. There are a lot of talented and skillful person out there and we are glad that we are able to scout and find many of them. Before we even started scouting our athletes, we already planned to build our own training grounds which became huge year after year. Now, it’s not just a place where we train people but we also use it to hold events and competitions for sports. The events we hold are loved by many because they get to see a lot of great teams from different places as well. We can all explore sports by watching games not just on our screens but the live matches as well.

We are glad that New Era Scouting has been successful in training a lot of people and making them great athletes after years of improving them. Our team is hoping that sports will receive more and more interest and attention in the future.