I was searching for a place where I can actually train since I want to improve my sports skills badly. After searching, I ended up here in this website and I’m really interested in joining you. Can I ask how to be a part of your team? Is there any requirements or qualifications?

Thank you for your interest in joining us. There are no requirements and qualifications needed to join our team. You just have to be really interested and dedicated in sports, and you must be a responsible player so training won’t be hard for all of us. To join, you can just send us an email and we will immediately respond to your message or you can visit our training grounds personally to talk to the members in charge of accepting more athletes and trainees.

I’m really interested in watching the events and competitions you hold, can I ask when you hold events? Do you have specific schedule or is there a time of the year when you really hold competitions?

Thank you for the interest in our games, we really appreciate you looking forward for our events. We hold these competitions every after 3 months in a year. We don’t have a specific date but we got used to holding events in holidays as well so please do anticipate. You can also participate in applying for free tickets if you want, just send us an email stating your intent to attend an event.

I really wanted to visit your place personally so I am wondering if I can I visit your training grounds anytime?

Yes, you can visit our training grounds as long as we are open. Make sure to bring your friends and family and have fun looking around our place. We hope to see you there soon!