Garage Door Repair: Treat the Grinding Noises

The overhead garage door is one of the best and functional things around your house. These garage doors are highly convenient and can last longer with proper care and maintenance. Many people take them for granted until the garage door works as well as it should. However, garage doors need regular maintenance services like an automobile. If you are in need of professional garage door maintenance services, visit the link to get fast and friendly services.

In this article, I will discuss common garage door services calls which are necessary to treat the loud, grinding, and scraping sounds coming from the garage doors during the opening and closing process. It is normally caused by the old garage doors or worn-out components that have not received proper maintenance and lubrication services over the years. Although, the causes behind the loud sounds are varied there are some common reasons these sounds could be occurring: 

  • Rust may be formed in the moving parts especially hinges of the garage door
  • The bolts and nuts of garage door have been worn out which need to be replaced
  • Extreme temperature may have warped the garage door and affected the functionality
  • The screw drivers of garage door has not been oiled yet
  • The garage door has not been properly serviced or maintained 

In some cases, the use of high-quality silicone spray or lubrication oil on hinges, springs, and tracks can quiet the operations of a noisy garage door. This tip mainly depends on what type and material of garage door you have in your home. If maintenance service has not been done periodically, serious damages may have been done which professional help.

It is always recommended that if you are not sure exactly what type of garage door you have and what is going wrong with it, you should immediately contact a professional garage door expert so that the malfunction does not become worse and costly to you. Don’t ignore the screeching and grinding sounds for too long before you consult an experienced garage door technician near you. The reason is that minor garage door problems need little attention and cost to fix if attended timely. Before hiring a professional garage door expert, there are few important points you should consider:

  • Make sure that garage door repair company is properly certified and reputed in a particular field
  • Make sure that garage door company you hire has experienced staff equipped with right tools and knowledge to diagnose the problems associated with the screeching or grinding sounds
  • Make sure that the company you call is licensed to perform the business in your area. There are a lot of “fly by night” companies that do not have authentic registration. Always insist to show you certification.
  • Make sure that garage door technician can complete the project the same day service is started. I have heard the horrible stories of technician starting the jobs but never return to complete the task.
  • Check the cost of project to understand the fees up front. Professional garage door companies always offer free cost estimation, free service calls, a general inspections, and discounts with their repair services.