Daniel K.

I’ve been a fan of sports even when I was a kid. Growing up, I just became more and more interested in it so I actually joined and played for the sports club in our school. I also want to join New Era Scouting since I heard they are really good in training people. It’s really interesting that I can also be trained even outside our school.

Megan G.

I love sports but I’m actually not a sporty person since I tend to get tired in a short span of time. I’m not that fit as well and physically active so even if I want to play, my body won’t allow me. As time passed by, I just support my favorite sports by watching matches and games. New Era Scouting has also allowed me to watch many videos from their site which is really fun. I also loved the fact that they give free tickets especially on holidays. It’s been a habit of mine to apply all the time and I’m so glad I always get to have free tickets and was able to watch great competitions.

Christian C.

I’ve been watching games and been to events of New Era Scouting but I never knew about the application for free tickets which made me a bit upset. I should’ve at least joined a few times if I knew about it sooner. But anyway, I’m glad I heard about it and I’ll make sure to join next time. Thank you for the fun and great events you hold! I’ll anticipate the next time you hold competitions again.

Trisha P.

I don’t play sports but visiting New Era Scouting’s training ground is really fantastic. Their place is really cool and great and I get to meet a lot of professional athletes as well when I’m lucky. Thanks to my friend who brings me there when she has training lol.